Musk Ox Counts

Written by Erin Cabatingan • Roaring Brook Press, 2013.

The second in the Musk Ox trilogy, in which Musk Ox ruins Zebra's perfectly good counting book.


Making a sequel

Half of the work in illustrating a book is designing the characters, and figuring out the overall look of the illustrations. So that part was done — but of course the painting part took just as long, so if any editors are reading this, no fair paying me half price for sequels.

Scroll down for early sketches from the book.   Click on any image to enlarge it. 

8 Snakes! • Oil on illustration board. I added the headline digitally.

4 Birds • Oil on illustration board

This Way • Oil on illustration board

10 Bears • Oil on illustration board. For a detailed look at how this painting was created, go to my Studio page and see How I Work.

3 Elephants • Oil on illustration board

A compilation of heads. I painted each separately and combined them digitally for the book.

10 Dogs • Oil on illustration board. Title was added digitally.

It's Lonely being Number One • Oil on illustration board

5 Goats • Oil on illustration board

Zebra painting for the front cover. I later removed the background digitally.

The back cover — I painted the characters separately and then combined them digitally.


Sketch for 8 Snakes!

Thumbnail sketch for 5 Goats.

Thumbnail sketch for 10 Bears!

Final sketch for 10 Bears! Note how it has changed from the thumbnail sketch.