The World According to

Musk Ox

Written by Erin Cabatingan • Roaring Brook Press, 2014.

After ruining two books, Musk Ox is finally going to let Zebra take the lead. Sort of.


Making number three

This is the third and final Musk Ox book, and also the most panoramic. I got to paint he Great Wall of China. The Eiffel Tower. Antarctica. 

Now that the series is done, I realize that I'll miss painting Zebra most of all. He reminds me of my dad: a lovable straight man.

Scroll down for early sketches from the book.   Click on any image to enlarge it. 

Grass is Good • Oil on illustration board

Asia • Oil on illustration board

Africa • Oil on illustration board. I added the text on the Hysterical Marker digitally.

Europe • Oil on illustration board

Australia • Oil on illustration board. I love these plump rumps!

Watch out for the Tourists! • Oil on illustration board

Antarctica • Oil on illustration board

Since the trunk traveled around the world with Zebra and Musk Ox, I had to paint it 17 times!


Sketch for Africa. I added Mount Kilimanjaro in the final art.

Sketch for Flirting with the Gnus.

Sketch for Asia.

Sketch for Watch out for the Tourists!