Tyrannosaurus Dad

Written by Liz Rosenberg • Roaring Brook Press, 2011.

Toby's dad is a grump (and a T. rex). Can he help it? Or is that just the way dads are?


Making a size XXXXXXX shirt

How big should a dinosaur's coffee cup be? Does he wear a shirt? Pants? Is his ceiling higher than average? In the end, I realized that nothing about his book should be odd, except for the fact that Toby's dad is a T. rex. Look for cracks in the ceiling and crushed bathroom tile. And of course, T. Dad can't get up the stairs, so he reads his son bedtime stories from the side lawn.

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BBQ Dads • Oil on illustration board

Walking Home • Oil on illustration board

We Don't Want Any! • Oil on illustration board

Bedtime Story • Oil on illustration board

I'll Ump! • Oil on illustration board

Breakfast • Oil on illustration board

Off to School • Oil on illustration board

Rain Delay • Oil on illustration board


Study of the T-Dad. Since he is a grumpy guy, I didn't want to make him look too pretty.

Sketch for Off to School.

Early sketch for Bedtime Story.

Final sketch for Bedtime Story.

Original sketch for the page that eventually became BBQ Dads. The text mentions his love of red meat and magic, so this depicted him preparing for a magic act.

An early sketch for We Don't Want Any!

Another sketch for We Don't Want Any!

Final sketch for We Don't Want Any! Yeah, this image took me a long time to figure out.

A sketch for the last page of the book, showing Toby scrambling with his dad. Of course a lot of furniture gets knocked around.

Sketch for Breakfast.