Commission a Collaboration 

Here's the page for those of you too cheap to buy a real painting! While this series includes some of my favorite paintings ever, I'll be the first to admit that it takes me less time (and paint) than creating a painting from scratch. So in the spirit in which these art prints were originally churned off the assembly line, I can offer you a better deal that what you will find in your average art gallery.

Here's how it works: I have a treasure trove of prints, all beckoning me to alter them. Or you can send me something to paint on. I provide sketches before starting the patented vandalism process — so that you can weigh in on the subject matter. 

Please click any image to enlarge it.

Charming, right? But isn't it missing something?

Of course! It needed to go back in time 2000 years! Coffeduct • Oil on existing print. I have actually recreated this idea three times, on different backgrounds for different people. It's actually fun for me to do that, so don't hesitate to ask me to repeat an idea you have seen on my Collaborative Works page.






This isn't such a bad picture, if you really like trains. yet I felt it was missing something . . .

. . . ahh, much better. The Great Age of Steam • Oil on a print.

Been hankering for an altered TV tray? No problem. Just keep in mind I need to paint on flat, smooth surfaces. The Cake Glutton • Oil on metal tray. BTW, the boy also used to be eating corn.

I can also paint on a postcard, or an old photograph.


Here's another nice picture. I look at this and think, "Hey, the artist already did the hard part, but why'd she stop halfway?"

There we go. All it needed was a squadron of creatures and someone to signal them. Signaling the Squadron • Oil on existing print.

One of my favorite ways to alter existing objects is to paint on old book covers. Of course my illustration will have very little to do with what the author intended. House of Fear • Oil on book cover.