Tiny and the Big Dig

Written by Sherri Duskey Rinker • Scholastic, 2018.

Everyone thinks Tiny is too — well, Tiny — to dig deep enough to what he's sniffed out.


Keeping it simple

After two whole rounds of sketching the book in my usual style (meaning the art would eventually become detailed oil paintings), I suggested to the editor, "Maybe I should be doing this in simple watercolor, or something." She agreed.

Scroll down for early sketches from the book.   Click on any image to enlarge it. 

Got It! • Pen and watercolor on paper

I Know it's There • Pen and watercolor on paper

You're Too Small • Pen and watercolor on paper

Come Home With Me • Pen and watercolor on paper

Trombone! • Pen and watercolor on paper

I Can Do It! • Pen and watercolor on paper

Ignoring the Critics • Pen and watercolor on paper


Early sketch for the title page, in my usual style. My plan was to paint the final art in oil, as in the books Rules of the House and Pirate's Perfect Pet.

Tiny, also sketched with detail; my usual style.

Sketch for Trombone!

At first I thought the animals who doubt Tiny's abilities could be bored with it all, but then that got too boring!

My first watercolor studies of Tiny were much more simple—too simple, apparently.

Tiny and the cat, simplified.

Study for the bird, one of the nay-sayers that tries to make Tiny stop digging, for his own good.

More detailed watercolor studies, for the big sheepdog, another of Tiny's hecklers.